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from Guernsey Airport

NPT22G 06:30 MAIL
Flybe BE301 07:55 EXETER
Aurigny GR203 08:00 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE617 08:00 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI307,GR1307 08:15 JERSEY
Aurigny GR213 09:10 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI235 09:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI311,GR1311 09:35 JERSEY
Aurigny GR601 09:35 GATWICK
Aurigny GR671 10:25 MANCHESTER
Aurigny GR223 10:35 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR603 11:05 GATWICK
Aurigny GR605 12:50 GATWICK
Aurigny GR123 13:00 DINARD
Blue Islands SI351,GR1351 13:00 JERSEY
Aurigny GR643 13:15 BRISTOL
Flybe BE625 13:30 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR253 14:20 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR435 15:25 STANSTED, JERSEY
Blue Islands SI249 15:25 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR269 16:15 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE511 16:45 BIRMINGHAM
Blue Islands SI369,GR1369 16:50 JERSEY
Aurigny GR695 16:55 EAST MIDLANDS
Aurigny GR607 17:00 GATWICK
Flybe BE633 17:10 SOUTHAMPTON
Flybe BE312 17:20 EXETER, JERSEY
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY


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Local News

from Island FM

Alcohol And Disrespect Blamed For Crime

Binge drinking continues to be a catalyst for crimes committed in Guernsey. The Home Department released the results of a survey yesterday, detailing how scared you are about crime and what worries individuals. The Home Minister, Deputy Peter Gillson, says the increasing popularity of drinking to excess at home directly impacts on individuals' actions. He says some people are binge drinking more than ever. Another cause of crime that was highlighted in the survey was a lack of respect. Some blamed their fear of crime on a lack of parental discipline and Deputy Gillson said that may be the reason in some cases, but not all.

GE Wants More Cable Links With France

Guernsey Electricity still wants to invest in another cable link with France. Yesterday we told you how a new link is being laid between France and Jersey, which will also provide power for Guernsey. Corporate Strategy Director Sally Ann David says the firm is still keen to put down more cables too.

Michelin Star In-Flight Food

Blue Islands passengers will enjoy in-flight meals cooked by a Michelin-starred chef in future. Shaun Rankin is putting together a locally sourced menu for those flying to London City or mainland Europe from the Channel Islands. The choices for anyone flying this summer will include some fancy sandwiches with flavours like Milano Salami or Goat's Cheese Pesto.

New Lawyers At Carey Olsen's BVI Office

Carey Olsen has appointed three lawyers in its British Virgin Islands (BVI) office. Investment funds specialist Philipp Neumann and banking and corporate specialist Elizabeth Killeen have joined as senior associates with Sharon Mungall appointed as a legal associate specialising in corporate law, restructuring and insolvency matters. The three appointments will significantly extend the firm's services in banking, corporate and investment funds.

Less Than 100 Attend Transport Meeting

Fewer than one hundred people turned out to the only public meeting looking at Guernsey's proposed transport strategy last night. They gathered to learn more about the suggested majority and minority reports, due to be debated by the States next week. Among the concerned islanders at the meeting were a number of deputies who will be debating the proposals in a few days time. Environment Minister, Deputy Roger Domaille presented his majority report while deputies Barry Brehaut and Yvonne Burford answered questions on their suggested minority report. Questions from the audience covered topics like paid parking and children walking to school.

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