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from Guernsey Airport

NPT22G 06:30 MAIL
Flybe BE301 07:55 EXETER
Aurigny GR203 08:00 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE617 08:00 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI307,GR1307 08:15 JERSEY
Aurigny GR213 09:10 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI235 09:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR601 09:35 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI311,GR1311 09:35 JERSEY
Aurigny GR671 10:25 MANCHESTER
Aurigny GR223 10:35 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR603 11:05 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI349 12:20 JERSEY
Aurigny GR241 12:50 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR605 12:50 GATWICK
Aurigny GR643 13:15 BRISTOL
Flybe BE625,AF6515 13:40 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI357,GR1357 14:50 JERSEY
Blue Islands SI249 15:25 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR627 15:50 STANSTED
Aurigny GR269 16:15 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR695 16:35 EAST MIDLANDS
Flybe BE511 16:45 BIRMINGHAM
Blue Islands SI369,GR1369 16:50 JERSEY
Aurigny GR607 17:00 GATWICK
Flybe BE633 17:10 SOUTHAMPTON
Flybe BE312 17:20 EXETER, JERSEY
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY


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Local News

from Island FM

Flashmob Recruits Wanted

Ever wanted to be a in a Flashmob...well now's your chance. The dance will be taking place on the 6th and 13th of September, to raise awareness of local charity Protect, and the organisers want as many people as possible to get involved. Anyone can join in but must learn the dance before. You Tube: GUERNSEY FLASH MOB Here is a direct link to the film: There will be a rehearsal with Brandi on Wednesday 3rd September at St Stephen's Community Centre 6-7pm for anyone wanting to have an extra practise.

Unclaimed Lottery Money Could Be Shared

Unclaimed lottery prize money could be given out to local good causes. The Culture and Leisure Department hopes to get all the money which has not been collected over the years released, so it can be shared between charities. Minister, Deputy Mike O'Hara, says it's a considerable amount. It's due to be debated in Septembers States meeting.

Volunteers Needed At The HUB

A local charity is in need of more volunteers. The HUB provides advice to young people and is looking for people to join the team in two different areas - 1 to 1 mentoring and the Sunflower Project, which offers support to the bereaved. Team manager, Charlie Cox, says anybody can do it.

Elderly Woman Conned By Phone Scam

An elderly woman has been scammed out of hundreds of pounds by phone fraudsters. A caller convinced her to tell them her bank card details by pretending she owed them for a holiday she had booked. The woman, who is in her 80s, received a phone call from a lady claiming to be from a holiday firm. The caller told her she had booked a break with them and needed to pay them 80 to secure it. After putting the phone down but the fraudster called again and eventually persuaded the elderly lady to give over her bank details - with a promise of not to hassle her again. By the time she managed to warn her bank of the potential scam, 500 had been taken. Guernsey Police are urging islanders to be on their guard for similar calls.

Parents Can Block Kids' Web Access

Parents will be able to block their children's access to adult websites if they are with one of Guernsey's mobile phone operators. Airtel Vodafone has become the first telecoms firm in the Channel Islands to offer a free opt-in service. It checks every webpage address and won't display ones deemed unsuitable. Peter Zunino from Airtel hopes it offers concerned mums and dads some peace of mind: He says it's easy for customers to set up by contacting Customer Services or calling into their shop.

Farmers Oppose Ending Cattle Payouts

Farmers say Guernsey's new slaughterhouse isn't ready for the Cull Cattle Compensation Scheme to be stopped. The President of the Guernsey Farmers Association says it hasn't got full approval yet, which means they will lose out twice because they won't receive payouts for cattle over 30 months to be culled and won't be able to market them. James Watts says meat from some cows can be sold but others will be a struggle. The States are due to debate ending the payments at their September meeting.

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