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from Guernsey Airport

Flybe BE311,BE312 17:30 EXETER, JERSEY
Landed 1723
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY
Approx 1740
Blue Islands SI379,GR1379 18:10 JERSEY
Approx 1825
Blue Islands SI257 18:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Approx 1815
Aurigny GR609 19:05 GATWICK
Approx 1905
Blue Islands SI389,GR1389 19:10 JERSEY
Aurigny GR659 20:00 LONDON CITY
Aurigny GR611 20:25 GATWICK
Aurigny GR679 20:40 MANCHESTER
Blue Islands SI271 20:45 SOUTHAMPTON
NPT22G 06:30 MAIL
Flybe BE301 07:55 EXETER
Aurigny GR203 08:00 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI307,GR1307 08:15 JERSEY
Aurigny GR213 09:10 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI235 09:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR601 09:35 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI311,GR1311 09:35 JERSEY
Flybe BE501,BE502 10:15 BIRMINGHAM, JERSEY
Aurigny GR671 10:25 MANCHESTER
Aurigny GR651 10:30 LONDON CITY
Aurigny GR223 10:35 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR603 11:05 GATWICK
Aurigny GR605 12:50 GATWICK
Aurigny GR123 13:00 DINARD
Blue Islands SI351,GR1351 13:00 JERSEY
Aurigny GR643 13:15 BRISTOL
Aurigny GR253 14:20 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR625 14:35 STANSTED


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Local News

from Island FM

Who Will Put The Star On Our Tree?

We are being asked to nominate a work colleague to be lifted 110 feet in the air and place a star on top of Guernsey's Christmas Tree. The tradition of 'star fitting' is a way to raise awareness for the Rotary Club's Tree of Joy campaign - which gives deserving children something extra for Christmas. If you wish to nominate your boss or colleague to make the journey up the tree then the deadline is the 7th of November. Organiser of the campaign, Jerry Girard, says it's a great cause.

Islanders Respond To Harbour Plans

A ten year business plan for Guernsey Harbours was released earlier this week, outlining the need for heavy investment in them. It is suggesting a multi-million pound investment in all our of our ports and facilities - while raising service charges to pay for it. But some people fear that will stop people coming here, while others say raising money through tourism could work. Some of you think the cruise industry could really benefit from the plans but there are mixed feelings about whether an increase in charges is necessary. The full document is available to read at and there is a survey so you can give your opinion.

New Chief Executive For Guernsey Finance

Guernsey Finance has named its new Chief Executive. Dominic Wheatley will replace Fiona Le Poidevin in the role from the 1st December. He has more than 25 years' experience in the international financial services market and previously served as Chairman of the Guernsey International Business Association.

Testing Guernsey's Response To Ebola

An emergency exercise will be staged this evening, to test how Guernsey would respond to Ebola. HSSD and other relevant bodies will be involved. Ahead of that, we've been assured all States Departments are working closely to ensure the island is prepared in the unlikely event of any cases being reported locally.

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