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from Guernsey Airport

Flybe BE311,BE312 17:30 EXETER, JERSEY
Approx 1745
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY
Landed 1737
Blue Islands SI379,GR1379 18:10 JERSEY
Approx 1820
Blue Islands SI257 18:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Expected 1800
Aurigny GR609 19:05 GATWICK
Approx 1905
Blue Islands SI389,GR1389 19:10 JERSEY
On Time, P?ch
Aurigny GR659 20:00 LONDON CITY
Approx 2000
Aurigny GR611 20:25 GATWICK
Approx 2025
Aurigny GR679 20:40 MANCHESTER
Approx 2040
Blue Islands SI271 20:45 SOUTHAMPTON
NPT22G 06:30 MAIL
Flybe BE301 07:55 EXETER
Aurigny GR203 08:00 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI307,GR1307 08:15 JERSEY
Aurigny GR213 09:10 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI235 09:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR601 09:35 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI311,GR1311 09:35 JERSEY
Flybe BE501,BE502 10:15 BIRMINGHAM, JERSEY
Aurigny GR671 10:25 MANCHESTER
Aurigny GR651 10:30 LONDON CITY
Aurigny GR223 10:35 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR603 11:05 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI349,GR1349 12:20 JERSEY
Aurigny GR241 12:50 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR605 12:50 GATWICK
Aurigny GR643 13:15 BRISTOL
Aurigny GR625 14:35 STANSTED
Blue Islands SI357,GR1357 14:50 JERSEY


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Local News

from Island FM

L'Ancresse Discussions Cause Frustration

Some habitants are calling for the Vale Commons Council to be wound up. The ongoing negotiations between the council and the two L'ancresse golf clubs have left many parishioners frustrated. The Culture and Leisure Department is involved in the talks and the Minister, Deputy Mike O'Hara says many people just want to see an agreement reached.

FTP To Be Reviewed

The Public Accounts Committee is going to look very closely at the savings reportedly made as part of the FTP. The committee says it wants to check how much money has really been saved by some of the projects introduced as part of the Financial Transformation Programme. The PAC Review will analyse the costs and claimed benefits for a selected sample of FTP projects - we're told, which will assure us all that the savings we've been told about are true, fair and sustainable. The list of projects being examined will include those which involved Departmental and Cross-cutting projects and efficiency savings and any which saw fees, charges, grants or subsidies changed. The Committee says the Review will hopefully assure everyone that the FTP has resulted in genuine ongoing financial benefits.

Guernsey's Economy Is 'Doing Well'

An economics expert has said Guernsey is doing well - despite massive strain on the finance sector. Geoffrey Wood is a Professor Emeritus at Cass Business School in London and at the University of Buckingham. He says Guernsey needs to relax the reigns on our biggest industry.

I Am Guernsey Winners Announced

The two winners of a competition designed to improve Guernsey life will see their ideas presented to a wider audience. I Am Guernsey was an online competition organised by Livingroom and PF+A this summer. 14 year old Kerys Chamberlain won in the under 18 category and 31 year old Stefan de Laune was named the winner in the over 18 category. Both winners will receive an iMac computer and their ideas will be presented publicly next month.

Guernsey-China Relationship Strengthened

A Statement of Cooperation has been signed by the States of Guernsey and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work. Deputy Kevin Stewart put his name to the document during a trip to the area last week, in his role as Commerce and Employment Minister. He says the agreement demonstrates a continued commitment to doing business with China and Beijing in particular.

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