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from Guernsey Airport

Blue Islands SI315,GR1315 09:20 JERSEY
Aurigny GR601 09:35 GATWICK
Aurigny GR217 09:45 ALDERNEY
Aurigny GR671 10:25 MANCHESTER
Blue Islands SI237 10:30 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR605 12:50 GATWICK
Aurigny GR643 12:50 BRISTOL
Flybe BE625 13:45 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR127 14:20 DINARD
Aurigny GR625 14:35 STANSTED
Aurigny GR269 16:15 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE311,BE312 16:20 EXETER, JERSEY
Flybe BE633 16:30 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR695 16:35 EAST MIDLANDS
Flybe BE511 16:45 BIRMINGHAM
Aurigny GR607 17:00 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI255 17:30 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI379,GR1379 18:10 JERSEY
Aurigny GR609 19:05 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI391,GR1391 19:30 JERSEY
Blue Islands SI267 20:00 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR611 20:25 GATWICK
Aurigny GR679 20:40 MANCHESTER


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Boyfriend Due At Sarah Groves Trial

The man who described himself as Sarah Groves boyfriend is due to give evidence at the trial of the man accused of murdering her today. Syed Shoda has been summoned to appear at the court in Kashmir after previously not turning up. Mr Shoda did turn up to court for the last hearing, so it is hoped he will be there again today. His evidence is deemed crucial to the trial, because although Miss Groves was killed on his family's houseboat, he says he was miles away spending time with friends. Miss Groves family say they believe relatives of Mr Shoda have lied under oath and they think there are many unanswered questions about what really happened the night she died. The previous hearing in Kashmir was cancelled because the defendant, Richard de Wit - who denies murdering Miss Groves - hadn't replaced his lawyer. Today will be the 40th time the Kashmiri court has convened to hear evidence in the case. There has only been progress made of 27 of those days so far.

Have A Say On Minimum Wage

There are just a few days left to have your say on the level of Guernsey's minimum wage. It is due to go up in October, but by law, the Commerce and Employment Department has to ask us what we think it should be. The questionnaire can be completed online by visiting Printed copies are also available from Raymond Falla House or by accessing where a copy is available to download. All opinions must be submitted by Tuesday.

Autism Charity Looks For Befrienders

Autism Guernsey is looking for more people to become a befriender. Volunteers are wanted to take those who might not otherwise have a chance, out on day trips. 18 people with learning difficulties are still waiting to be paired up with someone. Befriending co-ordinator, Tina James, says there are plenty of joint activities you can do together. She says quite often life-long friendships are made.

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