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from Guernsey Airport

Blue Islands SI351,GR1351 13:00 JERSEY
Landed 1304
Aurigny GR643 13:15 BRISTOL
Expected 1330
Flybe BE625 13:30 SOUTHAMPTON
Expected 1330
Aurigny GR127 15:00 DINARD
On Time, Vol ?L'Heure
Blue Islands SI249 15:25 SOUTHAMPTON
On Time
Aurigny GR625 15:30 STANSTED
On Time
Aurigny GR269 16:15 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE511 16:45 BIRMINGHAM
Blue Islands SI369,GR1369 16:50 JERSEY
Aurigny GR695 16:55 EAST MIDLANDS
Aurigny GR607 17:00 GATWICK
Flybe BE633 17:10 SOUTHAMPTON
Flybe BE312 17:20 EXETER, JERSEY
Aurigny GR281 17:40 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI379,GR1379 18:10 JERSEY
Aurigny GR609 19:05 GATWICK
Blue Islands SI389,GR1389 19:10 JERSEY
Flybe BE637 19:45 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI267 20:00 SOUTHAMPTON
Aurigny GR611 20:25 GATWICK
Aurigny GR679 20:50 MANCHESTER
NPT22G 06:30 MAIL
Flybe BE301 07:55 EXETER
Aurigny GR203 08:00 ALDERNEY
Flybe BE617 08:00 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI307,GR1307 08:15 JERSEY
Aurigny GR213 09:10 ALDERNEY
Blue Islands SI235 09:15 SOUTHAMPTON
Blue Islands SI311,GR1311 09:35 JERSEY


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Local News

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Two Arrests relating to Paints break In

Two people have been arrested in connection with a break in at Paints Jewelers on Friday. More than 300,000 worth of jewelry was taken from the St Peter Port premises. The pair are currently being held by police - though the force are appealing to the public for more information. They would like to speak to a person seen walking into the Lloyds bank cash point area at about 4.30am on Friday - or anyone who may have seen that person. There is a 1000 reward from Crime Stoppers for any information leading to a conviction. Crimestoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111

Miss Alderney 2014 Crowned

The 2014 Miss Alderney was crowned at the weekend. Emma Etheridge has lived in the island all her life and impressed the judges with her diverse interests and passion for Alderney. The 15 year old will attend various events, including the Jersey Battle Of Flowers, after judges awarded her the crown at a ceremony on Saturday. Emma takes the title from her sister Maria, who was Miss Alderney last year. She says it's something she's always wanted to do.

Let's 'Give Wildlife A Chance!'

A campaign has been launched to 'Give Wildlife A Chance'. It will focus on protecting seabirds and marine mammals which live in our Bailiwick. The campaign includes a Code of Conduct aimed at raising awareness of the needs of sea birds and mammals, while protecting them from harmful behaviour. It includes calls for kayakers and boat owners to keep a safe distance from species, such as seal pups, which breed on our coastlines. It also warns that nesting birds are easily disturbed by people walking past them. The launch of the campaign follows a bad winter of weather, where tens of thousands of sea birds and mammals were affected by storms.

More Island Games Makers Needed

More volunteers are needed to become Waitrose Games Makers for the Natwest Island Games. 250 people have signed up to help at the event next summer, but 400 are needed. Games Makers can come from anywhere in the Channel Islands. The Chief Games Maker, Cliff Chipperfield, thinks students could be key to finding the rest of the helpers, as they should be home from University for the Games. He thinks the volunteering opportunity would be ideal for students home next summer.

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